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Is Camp Right For Me?

Camp Brave Trails is an incredible and life changing experience! We take campers of all leadership levels and give the tool to be change makers in their communities. It's important that camper understand the commitment they are making when applying for leadership camp. If you have any questions about if camp if right for your camper, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

If your camper is expecting:

  • Leadership focused & activist based learning. All levels of leadership experience welcome.
  • LGBTQ+ Safe and Welcoming Spaces
  • A Highly Social Environment (interacting with people all day with little to no alone time)
  • Loud & High Energy Environments
  • High expectation of kindness and compassion
  • Commitment to leadership, activism, and making the world a better place.
  • Electronics Free Environment
Camp is probably a good fit for the camper!

 Session 1 - California: June 30 - July 13, 2018 (Two Week)

 Session 2 - California:  July 15 - July 21, 2018 (One Weeks)

Session 3 - California: July 23 - August 5, 2018 (Two Week)

Session 4 - Maryland: August 13-August 19, 2018 (One Week)


There is a $20 Non Refundable Application fee. Only application accompanied by the application fee will be processed.

One Week Session: $950

Two Week Session: $1900

Tuition includes: All meals & snacks, programs materials, activity instruction and lessons, lodging, on-site medical team, staffing costs, a camp t-shirt, and much more!

Transportation Fee: If the camper is using our transportation services, there is $20 round trip transportation fee. We offer transportation at select times only from a Los Angeles location & Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  Please see your Family/Camper Handbook for exact pick-up/drop-off times.

Fundraising opportunities & some financial assistance available.

Application Process

Youth, ages 12-18, who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and their allies are welcome at Camp Brave Trails! We welcome campers from all over the country and internationally.

Camp Brave Trails is a leadership focused summer camp and we look for campers of all leadership levels who have an interest in making change in their communities.

First:  Prospective campers will fill out an application and submit a $20 non-refundable application fee. Only applications that are complete and accompanied by the application fee will be processed.

Second: After reviewing the prospective camper's application, we will move forward with scheduling a camper interview. Interviews are informal and even fun!  It will take place on the phone or Skype. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about the camper's leadership aspirations and to make sure the camper understands the commitment of attending LGBTQ leadership camp. This is also a great time to get to know the Brave Trails staff a little better and ask us any questions you may have. We are very difference than most summer camps and we want to make sure Brave Trails is a good fit for both parties.

Third: After the interview, campers are selected by a committee of staff based on their application and interview. We choose a wide variety of campers from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in developing their leadership skills (regardless of previous experience) and meeting mentors and peers who share a similar experience and aspirations. 

Finally: If the camper, family, and Brave Trails feel that camp is a good fit, we will email the camper and family a formal acceptance letter. The letter will contain next steps, such as filling out paperwork, making payments, packing info, and more! 

We hope to see your application soon!

Financial Assistance & Fundraising

At Brave Trails, we never want money to be the reason a camper can't attend camp. For this reason, we have great fundraising tools, which many of our campers have raised their full tuition cost with! In addition, Brave Trails has a limited number of scholarships set aside to assist families in need with the cost of tuition. We do not give any "free weeks", only partial scholarships. Scholarships will be determined based on household income and family need.

Brave Trails does not assist with airfare or cost of travel to camp.

Campers will be able to apply for partial scholarships, which will be allocated on a needs basis. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please fill out a camper application and select "yes" when you are asked "Will you need financial assistance for camp". We can not waive the non-refundable application fee.


Our camps are located in Southern California, nestled in the pines of the Angles National Forest and Northern Maryland.

Gay Camp Brave Trails Vegetarian Teen LGBTQ


While at camp, all meals are included in tuition. Our kitchen staff pride themselve on delivering nutritious meal that keep our campers and staff going throughout day. Campers enjoy three healthy, balanced meals per day, along with snacks and special treats! We honor vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free food restrictions but require proper notice for appropriate planning.


Camp Brave Trails LGBTQ leadership

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage (chicken or veggie), fruit & yogurt bar, and orange juice. Every morning we have a cereal bar, milk, and a fruit assortment available.

Lunch: Veggi & turkey paninis, soup, and a salad bar is available every day.

Dinner: Tacos (veggi & chicken) with all the toppings, rice, beans, and a salad bar is available for dinner every evening. For dessert churros!


Camp Brave Trails is not a peanut free camp but we are “peanut aware”. Contact with peanuts or peanut residues can be life threatening for many children.  At Brave Trails, we have respect for each individual camper, and while we are not a totally “peanut-free” camp, we go to great lengths to remove peanut products from camp.

Traces of an allergen product can surprise the best of us at any time. What we do to make our camp a safer environment for peanut allergic campers:

⇒ We do not serve peanut butter! Instead we serve homemade sunflower seed butter, wow butter, jam, cream cheese, and other spreads so children have a variety of alternatives.

⇒ We instruct the kitchen to plan meal and snacks without peanuts and do our best to note when we know it does have traces of peanut.

⇒ All staff in pre-camp and all campers are given a clear message that nut products cannot be brought in to camp.


Campers will stay in bunk style cabins along with 8-10 peers and two adult counselors sleeping in each cabin for support and safety. We divide campers in to cabin groups by age; we never separate campers by gender identity/expression. There are plenty of bathrooms, showers, and personal hygiene facilities, complete with privacy for maximum comfort.

Camp Brave Trails


Camp Brave Trails LGBT youth


Families may purchase our transportation services to get their camper to & from camp via bus at select pick-up/drop-off stations only. These stations are typically: West Hollywood & Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The cost is $40 round trip.

Campers flying in and expecting to use our transportation services to & from camp must arrive and depart from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) during the times specified in the Camper/Family Handbook. Staff will be at each terminal during the time slots to gather and escort campers to and from the shuttles.

Campers and families will receive a detailed Camper/Family Handbook, containing information you need to know regarding location and transportation options, upon admission in to camp.

Camp Brave Trails queer


Camp Brave Trails staff is made up of many different types of skilled and certified professionals. We choose dedicated, knowledgeable and nurturing mentors who have a great interest in helping youth become confident and empowered LGBTQ leaders. Every staff member at camp has undergone an extensive application, interview, and background check process. The average age of our staff is 26. Many staff members return to camp each summer from all around the country.

Camp Brave Trails LGBTQ Youth volunteer teen

No Electronics At Camp

The goal at camp is to make new friends, try new things and grow as a leader...pretty tough if you’re texting friends from home all the time or calling your parents. Please leave your cell phone and electronics at home or they will be confiscated at camp. Exceptions are made for campers flying in from other parts of the country; their phones will be collected upon arrival at camp and kept safe until their departure. Small point & shoot cameras are okay as long as they do not connect to the Internet, but we suggest you leave them at home as they could get lost or damaged. We will have photographers at camp taking pictures for you to cherish when camp is over.

Physical Heath & Mental Heath

Physical Heath

At camp, we have two medical staff on-site 24/7 to provide basic care and first aid to campers and staff. Anything beyond basic care will be directed to the nearest urgent care or hospital. All campers must have heath insurance to attend camp.

We do our very best to accommodate campers with physical disabilities to the extent allotted by our resources and facility. If your child has a disability, please be as honest and detailed as possible with our staff (ahead of time) so we can make the necessary arrangements to make your camper's stay with us comfortable. We highly recommend giving us a call before applying for camp if are unsure whether our camp is a good fit for your camper.

Mental Heath

Regardless of the positive and empowering nature of camp, it is an emotionally and physically demanding experience. Camp Brave Trials is not a therapy camp and campers should be in a stable emotional/mental state before coming to camp. Campers should be prepared and excited for very loud, energetic, and highly social environments, with little to no alone time. If the camper is uncomfortable with social environments or uneasy around a lot of noise and people, camp may not be the right fit.

Camp Brave Trials is a leadership focused program and much of what we discuss revolves around social justice and activist related subjects. Campers should be aware that we do discuss topics related to mental health, race, body image, environmentalist, injustice, LGBTQ related issues, and other related topics. Campers who are “triggered” or distressed by such topics may have a hard time at camp and should talk to a director before applying to discuss.

If the camper shows signs of or is experiencing high levels of mental and/or emotional distress, has a known serious mental disorder, and/or is hospitalized before camp, please contact a director to discuss before applying and together we can assess if our camp is the right fit your camper. While camp can be an uplifting experience, it should not be use a form of treatment for mental health disorders.


Special Needs Accommodations

While Camp Brave Trails is not a special needs or therapy specific camp, we do have at least one medical staff (RN, MD, or EMT) on site at all times. Our medical center is equipped with the necessary materials to provide basic first aid. Additionally we have at least one licensed mental health professional on site at all time to provide therapeutic conversations, not therapy.



Physical Health Needs

The Camp Brave Trails team will do it’s very best to accommodate for special needs within capability. Our campsite is rustic, woodsy, rocky, hilly and located at high elevation. The campsite is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.  We may be able to accommodate campers who use walking aids, please call a director to discuss.  At camp, examples of needs we can accommodate for are:  diabetes (most cases), hormone therapy, allergies, & dietary restrictions (most cases). If you camper has other medical or physical limitations not listed here, please contact us to discuss.



Mental Health Needs
Our mental health professionals can address common and minor mental health issues such as mild anxiety, depression, and homesickness. We are not equipt to address major mental health issues, such as: schizophrenia, psychosis, severe panic, severe social anxiety, actively suicidal or hospitalized within the the last year, etc. If you are not sure if camp is a good fit for your camp, please contact us to discuss.
Refund Policy

Brave Trails Refund Policy

We carefully plan each session of camp for maximum fun. We understand that your schedule may change but our staffing and meal arrangements are finalized based on projected attendance. With that in mind, please read our refund policies carefully.
Credit and debit card is the only form of payment accepted by Camp Brave Trails, unless you are paying the entire amount of tuition upfront. All applications require a non-refundable deposit of $20. Only applications that are accompanied by the deposit will be processed. This includes applications to be added to the Waiting List. The balance of camp tuition will be automatically charged to the card on file one month prior to the camper's camp start date. Prior to April 1, 2017, camp fees are refundable, less the non-refundable registration and application fee. Between April 1-May 24, 2017, 50% of the full cost of the camper's tuition is refundable. Absolutely no refunds will be issued starting on May 25, 2017. All application fees are nonrefundable. There will be no fee reduction, refunds or reimbursement for absences from camp due to illness, homesickness, dismissal, voluntary withdrawal, family emergencies, vacation, summer school, unexpected visits from relatives, unhappiness with the program, or for any other reason. There will be no fee reduction. or reimbursement for changes in programing on our part. All decisions to change programming are made with the best interest of the camper’s safety and experience in mind.

In the event that a camper is dismissed, removed, or leaves camp early for any reason (poor behavior, homesickness, illness, etc.), the camper's family is 100%  financially responsible for any cost associated with exiting the camper from camp within 24 hours. The family is 100% responsible for transporting, perachings tickets (plane, bus, train etc.), and costs associated with pick-up & drop-off (airport drop-off, taxi, etc). If the camper is flying home, arrangements must be made out of Ontario International Airport (ONT), we will not transport campers to Los Angeles International Airport LAX. Camp Brave Trails will not issue any refund for dismissal, removal, or leaving early from camp.


Admission Policy

Camp Brave Trails admits through an application process. Not all campers who apply will be admitted to camp. Camp Brave Trails is a leadership specific summer camp and we look for campers who have a great interest in activism and leadership skill development. We choose a wide variety of campers from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in developing their leadership skills and meeting people who share a similar experience. Campers are chosen by a committee of staff and camp alumni based on their application and interview.

Out-of-State & International Campers

We gladly welcome out-of-state and international campers to apply for camp!
In 2017, over 25% of our campers traveled to camp from outside of California. For a small fee of $40, we offer our campers a shuttle to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We will tell you exactly when your campers should land & depart so our staff can safely escort them to & from their terminals.

International campers must have:
- valid and updated passport
- travel medical insurance

18-20 Year Old Campers

As of summer 2017, Camp Brave Trails now only accepts returning 18-20 year old campers who have shown exceptional leadership during their past sessions at camp. These campers will be personally invited back to be a part of our Unicorn Justice League (UJL). Unicorn Justice League is our top leadership program and our version of a junior staff or "CIT" program. You can learn more here: http://www.bravetrails.org/our-camp/counselor-in-training-cit/. We no longer accept new 18-20 year old campers.