10 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month!


Pride Month is an annual celebration held during the entire month of June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, New York. This year, our community honors and celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. It’s a very special year for Brave Trails, as well, as we celebrate our 5th summer of […]

Harvey Milk and his dream…

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As we lead up to #MLKDayofService, we had to mention Harvey Milk and the dream he embodied for Queer people. Martin Luther King was an important part of LGBT History because he championed civil protests and helped give other minority groups the courage to march and stand up for our rights. Harvey, like MLK, believed […]

TRANSPARENT is a Success at the Golden Globes

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What a fantastic, historic night the queer community-Transparent scored 2 wins at the Golden Globes!  It was also touching and so amazing to see the creators and actors of this show acknowledge the courage that our trans community embodies so beautifully. Jill Soloway, the creator, dedicated her award to Leelah Alcorn, and the tears were […]