We recently brought awareness around the lack of #CampMemes on the internet. Our community of campers & staff have created some pretty epic #CampMemes to highlight their experience at Camp Brave Trails. Below are the Top 30 Best Camp Memes of 2019!

We are now asking our community to vote for the BEST #CAMPMEME OF 2019. To vote for your favorite meme from the selection below, click here! Voting will run until 11:59pm(PST) on 12/26/19! The winning #CampMeme will be announced 12/30/19 on our instagram @bravetrails!

Gay Heaven (created by: @noah._.draws)

Google Search (created by: @orlimarshall)

Acceptance Letter (created by: @peggy_kyle)

Best Thing on the Menu (created by: @ambassador_of_stuff1127)

Brave Trails > Literally Anything (created by: @there.goes.jake)

Arriving to Camp (created by: @judicornthedudicorn)

Camp Skit (created by: @axelevensen)

Goodnight Song (created by: @orlimarshall)

Gender Neutral Everything (created by: @axelevensen)

Bathroom Truddy (created by: @atticuscharlesjohnson)

Me at Camp (created by: @orlimarshall)

When Your Cabin is Called (created by: @judicornthedudicorn)

Churros (created by: @topperazzi)

Seconds (created by: @issysevilla)

Forgot to Thank the Kitchen Staff (created by: @jaden_bosh_bosh)

Smash Mouth (created by: @alexistransit)

Hand Holding (created by: @thatemokidalex)

Too Many Chairs (created by: @soft.emo.rat)

Who’s the Boy? (created by: @noah._.draws)

Drag Wig (created by: @gayrevengers)

Workshop Sign Ups (created by: @topperazzi)

Med Team (created by: @maya.money)

George Washington (created by: @bambii_spamii)

Mirror, Mirror (created by: @alexistransit)

Goodnight Brave Trails (created by: @noah._.draws)

Arriving vs Leaving (created by: @atticuscharlesjohnson)

They’re the Same Picture (created by: @deafinitely_dakota)

Camp is Home (created by: @atticuscharlesjohnson)

Come Close (created by: @noah._.draws)

15 Minutes (created by: @deafinitely_dakota)