All LGBTQ+ youth (ages 12-18) are welcome to join us at our FREE weekly Brave Squad meet-up group! Come hang out, make friends, have fun, and chat about stuff that is important to you!

7/10 at 1pm(PT): Click Here to RSVP

Topic of the Week: Leadership & Activism

We will be hosting leadership workshops for all LGBTQ+ youth throughout the summer with some of our #Trailblazing community partners. Workshops are 100% FREE and open to all. Come learn how to use your powers for good!

7/11 at 2pm(PT): Book Reading with Lexie Bean Click here to RSVP

Email to inquire.

The Connect Collective is a pen-pal matchmaking service where LGBTQ+ teens around the country (and maybe around the world, who knows!) will be connected so they can communicate through letters (or emails!) to encourage connection and interactions without screens during this time of social-distancing. Who couldn’t use more friends right now? – Program Created by Brave Trails Camper, Cooper.

To get your pen-pal, sign up here:

** This program is only available to youth ages 11-18 and former Brave Trails campers**

Community is more important and needed than ever! Nothing can spot us from being together this summer so we’re moving camp online! Join us for 6 weeks of online summer camp with all of your favorite staff a camp friends.

Online Camp is FULL for the Summer.