In about a week, we will be leading up to the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the worlds greatest and most peaceful leaders. ┬áIn school, we remember studying MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech and it was moving then, but now as our country struggles to support queer rights and freedoms it seems we feel his words and relate to them even more.

So we thought, what are the dreams of Brave Trails this year, as we launch our first ever Summer Camp in July.

…we dream of a place where everyone is appreciated and respected for their actions, their kindness, and their love that the share.

…we dream of a place where diversity is not only celebrated, it is NEEDED to fuel the community we live in.

…we dream of a place where laughter is always the best medicine.

…we dream of a place where our body doesn’t define our gender.

…we dream of a place where strong friendships become the foundation of our personal growth.

…there are so many more dreams we have, and what’s exciting is that WE WILL LIVE OUR DREAM this summer at camp!

What are your dreams for yourself and our community this year?