This week we’re talking about the LGBTQIA youth leaders of TODAY…and Jules Spector is a 14 year old rockstar, here’s why:

1. She is 14 and according to a Mashable article she hopes to end child prostitution and child marriage in developing countries. She hopes for equal rights for LGBT couples, not only in the U.S. but around the world. She hopes the media will stop portraying women as sex objects. She hopes the contributions of women will be valued in the male-dominated fields of science, technology and engineering.

2. Re-read number one.  Mind still blown from her awesomeness and courage.

3. She has an awesome blog called Teen Feminist from a teen’s point of you. Check it out and subscribe!

4. She was quoted as saying, “Girls are going to change the world. I promise.”

We believe you Jules.  Keep up the fight and stay brave!