“By fostering a culture where everyone is accepted for who they are, campers don’t have to worry about anything but learning, growing, and having fun.” Click here to read full Forbes.com article!

The Camp Brave Trails Team receive two awards from the American Camp Association, the Paul Somer Golden Acorn Award and The Program Excellence Award! We are so grateful and honored to be recognized by our peers.



Camp Brave Trails is awarded the

California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition! 












Camp Brave Trails LGBTQ Youth Summer Camp

Camp Brave Trails Helps Turn LGBT+ Teens

Into The Confident, Resilient Leaders Of Tomorrow




Camp Brave Trails: Healing Behind the Lens

By: Kyle Jarret, Camp Brave Trails Photographer



Bringing Brave Trails Back To School:

What I Learned From Camp

By: A Brave Trails Camper

Camp Brave Trails LGBT summer camp




Go Camp Pro

Coming Out As Straight At A Gay Camp

By: Laura Kriegel 




Camp Brave Trails Director, Kayla Ryan,

representing Brave Trails at the Clinton Global Initiative!





SoCal’s First LGBTQ Youth Leadership Camp Really Shows It Gets Better



The Bill Beaver Project

Help the Helpers: Brave Trails Camp for LGBTQ Youth!