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About Family Camp

Hello Friends,

This is Jessica and Kayla, co-founders of Brave Trails and in case you didn’t already know, we’re married to each other, too. We have a two year old kiddo, a silly chihuahua-pug mix, and 2 kittens. We’re so excited that you are thinking about bringing your family to camp!

We started Brave Trails Family Camp in 2017, shortly before we adopted our son. As we all know, starting a family as an LGBTQ+ couple comes with a lot of unique challenge and thought challenges follow us in various parts of raising our kids. Go though the process, we felt so much joy and excitement to welcome our baby. We also felt frustrated, isolated, and annoyed with how behind the world can sometimes be. When we set out to try and meet other LGBTQ+ families to connect with, we found that there we’re few, if any, spaces specifically for families like ours.

Thus, Brave Trails Family camp was born. We created a space for LGBTQ+ families could come together, safely and proudly, to connect, bond, and have the time of their lives! What better way than the quintessential experience of camp. There are tons of camp activities to choose from throughout the weekend or feel free to just kick back and relax. It’s up to you! We take care of all the meals and planning so you can focus on having fun with the fam! All ages and family members are welcome, even grandparents, friends, cousins, aunts & uncles. We welcome families that have LGBTQ+ parents and/or have LGBTQ+ children.

We’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime at family camp and we know you will, too. We can’t wait to meet your family at camp, soon!

Camp Location

We are so excited to partner with our friends at Camp Bob Waldorf to bring you a beautiful, exciting, and comfortable family camp experience. Located in Glendale, CA, our site offers adventurous camp activities, gorgeous nature, and a very convenient location that couldn’t be easier to get to.


Take a look at our housing options and choose the best arrangement for your family!

Shared Cabin

Get the true camp experaice and bunk with new or old friends at camp! Families who select this option will stay in shared, bunk-style cabins complete with a shared bathroom and shower house, just steps away from the cabin. Shared cabins are located in upper camp (a bit of an uphill walk) and can sleep up to 12 people comfortably. Families will share a cabin with at least one other family, depending in on size. We will always do our best to accommodated bunk mate requests. MUST BE 3+ YEARS OLD TO SHARE A CABIN AND ABLE TO RESPECTFULLY ROOM WITH OTHER.


Private Room

Our most popular housing option! This is a super fun ways to connect with other families, but still have a little privacy to reatreat to. Your family will have a private room in our multi-family cabins with shared bathroom and shower facilites. We have seven privet rooms in varying sizes. These rooms are limited and first come, first serve.


Private Cabin

Looking for a little more privacy for your family? This option is for you! Your family will have a bunkhouse all to yourself. All of our cabins are private buildings with plenty of privacy. We have two cabins with private bathrooms inside and 4 cabins with showerhouses just steps away. All private cabins are first come, first serve.


 While at camp, all meals are included in tuition. Our kitchen staff pride themselves on delivering nutritious meal that keep our families going throughout day. Families will enjoy three healthy, balanced meals per day, along with snacks and special treats! We honor vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free food restrictions but require proper notice for appropriate planning.

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage (chicken or veggie), fruit & yogurt bar, and orange juice. Every morning we have a cereal bar, milk, and a fruit assortment available.

Lunch: Veggi & turkey paninis, soup, and a salad bar is available every day.

Dinner: Tacos (veggi & chicken) with all the toppings, rice, beans, and a salad bar is available for dinner every evening. For dessert churros!

Dates & Rates

All meals and snacks are included in tuition. Our kitchen staff takes pride in delivering nutritious meals that keep our campers and staff going throughout the day. Campers enjoy three balanced meals per day, along with snacks and special treats! We gladly accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets, but require proper notice for appropriate planning. If your camper has a serious food allergy or aversion that you feel may impact their camp experience, please call a director to discuss further. We’re here to help!

Sample Menu

Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage (chicken or veggie), fruit & yogurt bar, and orange juice. Every morning we have a cereal bar, milk, and a fruit assortment available.

Lunch: Veggie & turkey paninis, soup, and a salad bar is available every day.

Dinner: Tacos (veggie & chicken) with all the toppings, rice, beans, and a salad bar is available for dinner every evening. For dessert, churros!

Snack: Granola Bars and fruit.


Refund Policy

We have camps on both the West and East Coast! 

California Camp

Our California camp is located just outside of Los Angeles, California, in the pines of the Angeles National Forest. Campers enjoy a gorgeous, forest based campsite under the trees and alongside our beautiful running creek.

Maryland Camp

Our Maryland camp is located in the historic Catoctin Mountains of western, MD. Our campers love the quintessential east coast feel and lush green campsite. 

For our camper’s safety, we only release the exact address of our campsites to registered families.

Contact Us

We’re here to help!

Contact us any time at or 323.300.4401

Emily G. - Camper (16)

“It’s been about 4 months since we left Brave Trails, and I have to say, it still hasn’t sunk in. From bonfires, to morning hikes, to staying up late chatting about my counselor’s new sassy dance move, Brave Trails is more than just a camp. Take my word for it when I say you will meet some of the most down to earth, kind, and compassionate people you have ever come across at BT. Brave Trails is not just a place for LGBTQ+ folks to come and chill. It’s a place to share ideas, educate and inform, but most of all, it’s a place where you will form some of the strongest bonds of your life. Why Brave Trails is so genius is the fact that we are making those bonds to last a lifetime, and simultaneously learning how to make a difference and work together. Brave Trails is here to make a difference!”

Remy D. - Camper (13)

“Brave Trials was the first camp I ever went to and I was super nervous. That didn’t last long. The staff went out of thier way to make me feel comfortable and the campers just get you in a way that my school peers do not.  Everyone there was just so kind and caring, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know anyone.  By the last day of camp, everyone in my cabin was my best frined. Camp is special to me because you didn’t have to live up to anyone’s expectation of you, you could be completely and utterly yourself.  Camp is more than just a place to shoot arrows and sleep in a cabin, camp to me is family. Camp Brave Trails is my home and I’m already counting the down the days until I go back”

Alex J. - Camper (14)

“This camp was my first ever summer camp because no other camp would accept me. The staff at my old camp didn’t know who to room me with because I’m transgender. They couldn’t room me with “boys” because they said I was still “technically female” and they couldn’t room me with girls because well, obviously, I identify as a boy and look like society’s view of a boy. Brave Trails was the only camp where I could go and be completely myself. Before camp I would be afraid to be open about my trans identity and live my life in secret out of fear of people looking at me differently because of it but Brave Trails taught me to be proud of who I am and that I will always have people who support me no matter what. Brave Trails has prepared me to live in a world that’s not one hundred percent accepting but it also promises me that I’ll have a place to go home to where I know I’ll be accepted, which is something that every LGBTQ kid deserves to have.”

Ruby - Camper Parent

“Where we live is not very open. My daughter has had a hard time making friends who understand her and she did not have the mentors to help her learn about herself. She has me but I cannot relate, even though am 100% understanding, supportive, and willing to learn. At camp she made lifelong friends and found the mentors she needs to fill her life with all the support she has been missing. She came home with more confidence and awareness. I cannot wait to see how she continues to grow with all the new wonderful people in her life. I was happy to share my amazing daughter with Camp Brave Trails and so happy they shared themselves with her.”

Maybell & Doug - Camper Parents

“Brave trails is a sanctuary for our child. It is run by the most dedicated and caring adults, who connect on a deep level with the campers and are committed to offer a real warm camp experience. Camp has boosted our child’s leadership skills to a new level, while at the same time allowing him to be his authentic self and grow strength through watching others do the same.”

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