One of the first rules of summer camp is to always stay in pairs and never venture out alone. ¬†And yeah, we all think sure, so if your friend Timmy falls down a well, then Sarah can go get help. Well, here are our Brave Trail’s Top Ten Reasons to have a buddy you MIGHT not have thought about.

1. Someone to share a blanket with at campfire.

2. It’s always good to have a backup to an alarm clock.

3. Even though we highly recommend laughing by yourself, it is more fun with a buddy.

4. You get tired of your clothes you brought to camp–SWAP!

5. Their Mom sends better care packages than your Mom, and buddies always share.

6. If you fall on that hike, at least your buddy will be behind you, so you’ll fall on them.

7. It’s literally impossible to feel weird and alone, when someone knows you’re awesomeness.

8. Camps have bears y’all. You don’t wanna find that out alone!

9. Having milk go up your nose because your buddy did the dumbest thing ever is a right of camp passage.

10. Everyone looks weird hi-fiving alone.

What’s your favorite thing about having a buddy at camp?