Unicorn Justice League


The Unicorn Justice League (UJL) Program is designed to give returning campers, between the ages of 17-20, who display a very high level of leadership at camp, a hands on opportunity to take their leadership skills to the next level! The UJL program is designed to be challenging, fun, and prepare you to be a future staff member. Participants will work hard, learn about themselves and others, and have the time of their life! The Unicorn Justice League will be supported and supervised by Brave Trails staff members who will work one-on-one with each UJL to identify their growing edges and help them achieve personal goals. UJL members are still considered campers and will go through an application and interview process before being told if they are or are not accepted to the program.

Lead Workshops

Each Unicorn Justice League member will have the opportunity to organize and assist in leading a workshop of their choice for their fellow campers.  Through this process, they will take part in the gratifying experience of developing their peers as leaders, while developing their own facilitation and teaching skills.

Plan Events

All Unicorn Justice League members will come together to plan and produce an all-camp evening program. Through this process, they will gain an understanding of the logistics of programming for a large group, budgeting, and how to delegate roles to staff members. Typical Unicorn Justice League evening programs could included a luau, talent show, a dance, or a skit night.

Assist Counselors and Program Staff

Unicorn Justice League members are instrumental in assisting with running daily programing and making sure the day runs smoothly.

Some tasks will include:

  • Assisting Program staff by contributing your skills to your favorite programs
  • Activity setup and break down
  • Kitchen and Clean-up Work
  • Acting as peer support for fellow campers
  • Acting as the staffs right hand person

Service Project Planning

Every session, the entire camp will come together to complete a large scale service project. Service projects can range from replanting trees at camp, creating a mural, planting a garden at a local school, or putting on a show for the local senior living home. The Unicorn Justice League will brainstorm the idea, agree on it, plan how it will be carried out, execute it, and finally, evaluate the experience and what they have learned.  Through this experience, The Unicorn Justice League will learn valuable skills, such as team work, organization, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. The skills and fellowship gained through reaching a common goal for a meaningful cause are invaluable, and it is our hope that this aspect of the Unicorn Justice League program will make an impression that will last a lifetime.