Jessica Weissbuch, Executive Director of Support ServicesJessica Weissbuch Camp Brave Trails Director

In 2002, Jessica moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in order to pursue her dream of working in television production. As time passed, she realized her longing to work with people in a more meaningful way, and was compelled to work with youth in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) community. In March 2010, Jessica earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University with a specialization in LGBT psychology and became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 2016. Jessica is honored to be one of the co-founders of Brave Trails and continues to work with youth, building their leadership skills with programs that support LGBTQ youth to take a stand in their communities and be the leaders of tomorrow.  Jessica lives to see queer youth become empowered individuals who work together to change the world.




Kayla Ryan Camp Brave Trails Director

Kayla Ryan Weissbuch, Executive Director of Direct Services

Kayla is a self described teen advocate and an LGBTQ social justice entrepreneur. For over 10 years, Kayla has dedicated herself to LGBTQ youth leadership, education, and empowerment in and around Los Angeles county. Growing up, Kayla attended and worked at a summer camp from the time she was 8 until 18 years old. Camp gave her some of the most formative and impactful experiences, which she would later use as inspiration to create Camp Brave Trails.

Alongside running Camp Brave Trails, Kayla is pursuing a bachelors degree in Non Profit Management at Antioch University Los Angeles. It is her goal to give young LGBTQ people the tools, mentors, and supportive peers to be change makers and confident leaders in their communities.





Coby Pfaff, Operations DirectorKayla Ryan Camp Brave Trails Director

As a child, Coby attended camp each summer and loved every minute of it. Camp was a powerful force in shaping his self-confidence, social skills, and love of nature. As a young man, he was a counselor for underserved youth at Camp Max Strauss in Los Angeles. He graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Psychology and went on to become an Afterschool Care and Summer Program Director for the YMCA. He started an ecommerce website in 1999 where he learned the skills needed to run a successful business organization. He also volunteered for three years as a helpline counselor for the Trevor Project, a LGBTQ Suicide helpline. He is very much looking forward to helping create an incredible camp experience for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans youth.





Natasha D’Agrosa, Assistant DirectorNatasha D'Agrosa Camp Brave Trails Director

Natasha is originally from St. Louis, MO but considers herself a person without borders. After receiving her Master of Public Health from Boston University, she moved with her partner to Los Angeles to try something new. She’s had the distinct honor of working with young people throughout her life in many different capacities and absolutely loves it! Currently, she works for a company that sends her around the world leading trips for her co-workers in countries such as: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru. Although she has the privilege of traveling all over the world and experiencing different cultures, she feels most at home working directly with young, queer people. She’s ecstatic to be part of the Brave Trails Family and can’t wait to learn from the amazing leaders that will come to Brave Trails!