1. Camp Brave Trails, Southern California

Camp Brave Trails, Southern California

Brave Trails / Via bravetrails.org

This awesome leadership camp brings LGBTQ youth together for a week full of scavenger hunts, new friends, horseback riding, workshops, drag shows, s’mores, and so much more! Click here to check out Camp Brave Trails.

Campers Ages: 12-20


2. Camp Lightbulb: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Camp Lightbulb: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Camp Lightbulb / Via camplightbulb.org

Camp out and frolic through world-renowned LGBT Haven, Provincetown, MA! Enjoy whale watching, beach bonfires, self-discovery workshops, and trips in to town. All while being welcomed by the warm locals of P-Town. Want to learn more about Camp Lightbulb, click here!

Ages: 14-18


3. Camp Ten Trees, Washington

Camp Ten Trees, Washington

Camp Ten Trees / Via google.com

Camp Ten Trees is the place for youth who love to play in lakes, meet people who share their values, and sing songs about having two moms! Come as a family or just send the kids. Find out more here!

Ages: 8-17 and Family Camps


4. Camp Aranu’tiq, California

Camp Aranu'tiq, California

Camp Aranu’tiq / Via camparanutiq.org

This awesome camp for transgender and gender-variant youth and their families offers campers the opportunity to build confidence, resilience, and community through camp experiences. Find out more about Camp Aranu’tiq by clicking here.

Ages: 8-18 and Family Camp


5. Camp Outright, Vermont

Camp Outright, Vermont

Camp Outright / Via campoutright.org

Camp Outright is a week full of fun activities for LGBTQ youth and Allies. Come play Quidditch, shoot some archery, and meet some new friend! Check them out by clicking here!

Ages: 13-22


6. Camp QORDS, North Carolina

Camp QORDS, North Carolina

Camp QORDS / Via qords.org

Form a band and take your musical talent to the next level with fellow queer musicians. This camp is packed with jam sessions, song writing classes, and performances! Want to jam with Camp QORDS? Click Here.

Ages: 12-17


7. Camp OUTdoor, Arizona

Camp OUTdoor, Arizona

Camp Outdoors / Via outdoorsgaycamp.com

This colorful camp takes LGBTQ youth “out of the closet, and in to the woods” for 4 days of fun! Campers enjoy adventure activities and workshops of their chose, while connecting over their common bond of queerness. Click here to learn more!

Ages: 11-24


8. Camp Highlight, Pennsylvania

Camp Highlight, Pennsylvania

Camp Highlight / Via camphighlight.com

This week-long camp for children who have a LGBTQ parent or parents offers a safe space where kids feel celebrated for who they are. “Our goal is to have each camper develop self confidence, social skills, leadership abilities in a safe and nurturing environment.” Learn more by clicking here.

Ages: 8-15


9. Queer Rock Camp, Washington

Queer Rock Camp, Washington

Queer Rock Camp / Via queerrockcamp.org

What better way to show your queer pride than rocking out! This LGBTQ music camp shows youth how to use music as a way to amplify resilience and self-expression. Rock out with Queer Rock Camp by clicking here.

Ages: 12-20


10. Rainbow Camp: Ontario, Canada

Rainbow Camp: Ontario, Canada

Rainbow Camp / Via rainbowcamp.ca

Spend a week with LGBTQA youth, their siblings and children in Queer families in the heart of Canada. Enjoy all the fun of a traditional summer camp with a rainbow twist! Click here to learn more.

Ages: 13-17